Micro-Optical MEMS, micro-mirros and pico-projectors


University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – CSSNT

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – CSSNT




Partner profile:

UPB represents the largest technical university from Romania, and among the biggest in South-Eastern Europe, having a history over 180 years and an excellent tradition in education and scientific research. With the benefit of a highly functioning autonomy, a number of 40 Research Centers run the majority of scientific research activities, separately from the administrative structure, which contains 55 Chairs, in 13 Faculties and 5 Departments. A national recognition of the professional competence is given by the fact that 4 of the above mentioned Research Centers became Excellence Centers; respectively 10 were attested by the National University Research Council. In the same time, UPB is an active member in projects with international financing, such as: COPERNICUS, PECO, FP5, FP6, FP7, NATO, CORINT and COST. The main interest of the Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology (CSSNT) at UPB is to develop the scientific knowledge for the fabrication and characterization of micro- or nano-materials and structures for applications in piezoelectric and magnetic sensors, biosensors, solar cells, optics, optoelectronics. The CSSNT’s capabilities include methods to fabricate PZT films deposited on, bare Si, Pt coated Si, MgO, sapphire etc., magnetic, oxide, semiconductors and reactive films in our state-of-the-art “Molecular Beam Epitaxy”-Pulse Laser Deposition (“MBE”-PLD) setup. Also, CSSNT is able to fabricate nano-particles, nanowires and nanotubes based on carbon. Indispensable research tools, such as advanced SPFM, AFM, TEM, HRTEM, SEM and micro-Raman Spectroscopy techniques, are used for material characterization. Our materials research addresses a variety of semiconductors, lead-based perovskites with ferroelectric, ceramics and composites, soft and biological materials, polymers, liquids.


Main role in the project:

Thin films deposition and related processes, surface analysis and characterization.


Key Persons:

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Marius Enachescu




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