Micro-Optical MEMS, micro-mirros and pico-projectors


Besi Austria GmbH

Besi Austria GmbH




Partner profile:

Founded in 1986 as Datacon and since the beginning of 2005 part of the Dutch BESI group (BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.), an international group of companies operating in the semiconductor industry.

BESI Austria's main area of expertise is the development and production of high-precision assembly equipment for the microchip industry. Leading microelectronics companies worldwide such as Bosch, Fairchild, Siemens, Philips, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Skyworks as well as Asian subcontractors like Amkor, ASE and STATSChipPAC are among BESI Austria's customers.

Using a highly adaptable platform concept with modular systems, BESI Austria's product range offers a large degree of flexibility and modularity for the IC manufacturing industry. BESI Austria is one of the leading and most innovative providers of assembly equipment for the semiconductor industry and is ahead of the field when it comes to new technologies such as FLIP CHIP and RFID (non-contact data transmission). Offering dynamic, flexible concept strategies and latest technologies, BESI Austria is known in the die bonder market as a solution supplier and an essential research partner for the semiconductor industry worldwide. The department involved in this project is the Department of Process Technology at the BESI Austria Headquarters, Radfeld, Austria. BESI Austria has participated to FP7 David project, ended in June 2009 and is partner of Lab4MEMS.


Main role in the project:

Assembly equipment for the semiconductor industry, high-precision assembly, bonding and packaging for MOEMS devices. Development of optical alignment and equipment for heterogeneous/3D assembly and packaging of MOEMS, using C2W (F2F, B2F). Support to the build-up of the demonstrators TD1 and TD2 with BESI’s equipment.


Key Persons:

Jonathan Abdilla

Zlatko Hajdarevic

Alastair Attard





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