Micro-Optical MEMS, micro-mirros and pico-projectors


Instytut Technologii Elektronowej

Instytut Technologii Elektronowej




Partner profile:

ITE is a major Polish research centre with the primary focus on semiconductor micro- and nanotechnology. The department of Silicon Microsystem and nanostructure Technology, which is the biggest unit of ITE, maintains a silicon CMOS/MEMS processing line located on 1200 sq.m. CR area, allowing for R&D work up to a demonstrator and prototype stage on a 100 and 150 mm wafers, with min. feature size down to 0.9um. The ITE team provides partners and customers with a cost effective, full service path, from a first concept up to manufacturing of a prototype and a small scale pilot production. The work on the processing line is organized in an industry-like manner to combine stability of the processing steps with flexibility allowing for undertaking non-standard endeavors. Thus, the staff of the Centre develops customized solutions in the field of silicon microsystem technology, solutions, which are not available on the market and need expertise and development work. ITE specialization lays in development of a resonance based MEMS sensors (physical and bio/chemical). Besides, ITE develops a modular thermal energy harvester for low power application based on two-stage energy conversion system utilizing  the conversion of a continuous stream of heat into mechanical pulses followed by the conversion of mechanical pulses into storable electrical energy. ITE has also a considerable MEMS modeling as well as microstructure and MEMS characterization potential with a main focus on resonant based devices.


Main role in the project:

ITE is responsible for one of the project demonstrator (P3) - Innovative applications of movable (actuated) mirror for MOEMS devices (WP2, WP5). Additionally ITE is involved in MEMS/MOEMS characterization (WP3). ITE is also leader of WP6 (Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization).


Key Persons:

Dr. Tomasz Bieniek

Dr. Jerzy Zajac




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