Micro-Optical MEMS, micro-mirros and pico-projectors


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland




Partner profile:

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland ( is the largest multidisciplinary contract research organization in Northern Europe, with approx. 277 staff and turnover of 277 million €. VTT is a part of the Finnish innovation system under the domain of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, but gains a significant fraction of its income from contract research from the private sector. VTT is impartial non-profit expert organization acting independently in respect of its customers. The objectives of VTT are to create high level scientific and techno-economic knowledge and know-how and to generate technology and innovations for industry and society.

VTT is well known worldwide for innovative and state-of-the-art MEMS devices. We design, model, simulate, fabricate and characterize silicon-based components and readout electronics, focusing on surface and SOI MEMS technologies. Core competences include also opto-electromechanical design, integration & execution of high complexity MEMS fabrication processes for various MOEMS devices, such as monolithic spectrometers and optical filter structures. We have successfully established commercial production pilot line of carbon dioxide sensors based on MOEMS FPI platform designed for the IR range. VTT has a vast experience of two decades working in various EU projects as a partner and as a coordinator. VTT is ranked among the leading European research and technology organisations and is committed to responsible collaboration for achieving the EU 2020 goals.


Main role in the project:

Establish pilot-line production of micro-spectrometers based on tunable MOEMS FPI micro-spectrometer process platform by addressing process quality procedures through FMEA, statistical process control as well as process measurement technologies and optical characterization methods. The fabrication process has been developed in IQfuel and has reached high technological readiness level for the near infrared range micro-spectrometers. The micro-spectrometer products are primarily intended to for fuel quality sensing in the automotive industry.


Key Persons:

Dr. Anna Rissanen

Dr. Bin Guo

Rami Mannila

Hannele Heikkinen





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