Micro-Optical MEMS, micro-mirros and pico-projectors


Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano




Partner profile:

PoliMI is a leading technical university in Italy. Founded in 1863, it has now 7 campuses, 9 Faculties (6 of Engineering, 2 of Architecture, 1 of Industrial Design), 16 departments and over 40.000 enrolled students. The permanent staff is composed of approximately 1300 professors (full, associate and assistant) and 800 technicians and administrative.

The research group integrating Lab4MEMS II (affiliated to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - DICA) has a vast experience in the modelling of rupture processes in homogeneous and heterogeneous materials and on damping of micro structures at moderate and very low pressures. The group has been working since 2002 with the MEMS Division of STMicroelectronics, on material characterization at the micro scale, on the simulation and design of micro structures and activated various international links with researchers in the field of micro and nano technologies also actively working in the EU funded projects: NoE Patent-DfMM and STREP Go4Time. The DICA research group has facilities for modelling and simulation and software development, which include two clusters and a remote connection with a supercomputer centre. PoliMI has recently acquired a small laboratory for the mechanical characterization of MEMS which includes a probe station, 6 triaxial micromanipulators, high-precision capacitance meter, signal generator and analyzer.


Main role in the project:

The design of micro-mirrors devices, the modeling and simulation and the structural/mechanical design of proof of concepts and demonstrators. Modeling and simulation will be focused on compact models for exploration of the design of micro-mirror non-linear dynamics, multi-physics models to describe the micro-mirror actuation and interaction with the surrounding fluid.


Key Persons:

Professor Attilio Frangi

Professor Alberto Corigliano

Professor Stefano Mariani





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