Micro-Optical MEMS, micro-mirros and pico-projectors







Partner profile:

The CNR IMM MDM Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility focused on the investigation of the structural, electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials for present and future nanoelectronics, spintronics, and neuroelectronics as well as the development of novel growth and characterization techniques capable of addressing the ever-decreasing device dimensionality. The CNR-IMM, UOS of Agrate Brianza - Laboratorio MDM, belongs to the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM) of the National Research Council (CNR). The Laboratory is located in the ST Microelectronics and Micron site in Agrate Brianza, Milan, Italy. The MDM Laboratory has successfully contributed to European FP5, FP6, and FP7 (ET4US, CHEMAPH, REALISE, VERSATILE, EMMA, FOREMOST, AFSID, GOSSAMER, NANOPV, MAGWIRE, 2DNANOLATTICES, SYNAPSE) research programs as well as to other international, industrial, and national research projects and is currently involved in three Horizon 2020 - ICT EU projects (MOS-QUITO, IONS4SET, NeuRAM3) and several national projects. A well-established and universally recognized expertise in the field of semiconductor based devices for microelectronic and spintronics is solidly based on a large number of growth facilities (ranging from atomic layer deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, metal organic chemical vapor deposition, and sputtering deposition) and a wide range of in situ and ex situ characterization tools associated with well-experienced analytical skills. Relevant competences for the project are thus related to thin films growth and nanostructures morphological, structural, chemical, electrical, magnetic, and optical characterization.


Facilities available for the project:

Advanced materials growth and processing: 100 m2 clean-room class 1000, three ALD systems with O3 line, two thermal and e-beam evaporators, one sputtering, photo- and e-beam- lithography,  rapid thermal processing and furnace annealing, wet bench for wafer cleaning. Thin films and surface characterization (in situ and ex situ): XPS, SEM, scanning probes tools in UHV or in air/controlled atmosphere (STM-STS, AFM, KPFM, BEEM).  Optical characterization: 4.2-300K: micro-Raman (visible + UV), PL spectroscopy, FTIR; middle- and far-IR, in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry.  Structural characterization and compositional depth profiling: XRD-XRR, TXRF, ToF-SIMS. Electrical characterization: I-V (also in magnetic field), C-V, G-V, admittance spectroscopy, DLTS, noise, IETS and Hall effect measurement in thermal range 0.3 - 500K; internal photoemission for band line-up determination. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy: CW-EPR  (X-band and Q-band, 3-600 K), FT-EPR (X-band, 3-600K), EDMR and ENDOR (Collaboration with University of Milano Bicocca Prof. Fanciulli’s Lab)


Main role in the project:

CNR will work in close contact with ST for the development of materials for MOEMS devices. CNR will also investigate novel passivating or active optical layers by depositing innovative materials using atomic layer deposition or magnetron sputtering. Will optimize structural, morphological, chemical-physical and optical properties (also in the IR) of layers and corresponding surfaces and interfaces in view of the specific applications. Explored materials will include dielectrics and metals. Special attention will be devoted to the characterization of the surface properties that have a strong effect on the optical properties. Moreover, the impact of the layers deposition on the stress developing in the silicon substrate will be studied. 


Key Persons:

Dr. Claudia Wiemer

Dr. Elena Cianci

Dr. Graziella Tallarida





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