Micro-Optical MEMS, micro-mirros and pico-projectors


Stiftelsen SINTEF

Stiftelsen SINTEF




Partner profile:

SINTEF is an independent research foundation based in Norway. The majority of its income originates from contract research for industry and the public sector in Norway and inter-nationally. SINTEF is the largest independent R&D organisation in the Nordic countries, employing around 2000 people. The Microsystems and Nanotechnology Department (35 people), part of the SINTEF ICT institute, specialises in the design and fabrication of advanced sensors such as X-ray detectors,pressure sensors, accelerometers etc. In the area of microfabrication, the group’s strength lies in bulk micromachining technology (also DRIE based), wafer scale bonding based packaging of sensor structures and design for manufacturing. In cooperation with the SINTEF Materials & Chemistry department work on piezoMEMs has been performed for 10 years and a prototype line for piezoelectric thin-films in MEMS has been established.  In the field of piezoMEMS SINTEF has taken part in the FP6 MEMS-Pie project, the Nordic Nord-Pie project and is currently coordinating the FP7 NMP project piezoVolume besides internal strategic and industrial projects.


Main role in the project:

The main role of SINTEF is the design, simulation, process development, and fabrication of a 2D laser scanning mirror based on PZT actuators. The main objective is to evolve the proof-of-concept device to a maturity level which allows scale-up from small to large scale production.


Key Persons:

Dr. Thor Bakke

Andreas Vogl




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